My review on DM WIMS hospital, Wayanad

My mother lost her consciousness for 2-3 minutes on Friday 25th July, 2014 morning. I was monitoring her BP level while she got fainted. The BP was normal. I was about to check her blood sugar level, but suddenly she couldn’t talk, her voice became unclear and feeble, body became cold and I couldn’t check the sugar level. We took her to the bed and rubbed her hands and feet to make hot. She was sweating after 2 minutes and returned back to conscious state. That was the first time I saw her so weak. It seems to be a cardiac arrest.(But my assumption proved to be wrong later). So we rushed her to DM WIMS, Kalpetta center where my cousin-sister works.
The BP was a bit high when we reached there and they gave some BP and Sugar tablets. Doctor checked her whether there was a sign of Paralysis or not. But she was responding nicely to the Doctor’s commands. Doctor suggested to have an ECG in which he found a small fluctuation and advised us to admit her at DM WIMS, Meppadi. DM WIMS (Wayanad institute of medical sciences) is a newly opened hospital near Thazhe Arappetta, Meppadi, Wayanad district which is a sister concern of MIMS, Kozhikode.

At DM Wims, we showed our Starhealth Insurance card which entitled us for a cashless hospitalization. (Anyhow we didn’t get even a dime because her existing diseases like BP and Diabetes was not shown in the policy). I paid Rs.1000 as advance and Rs.150 (refundable) for visitors pass. DM Wims compound is a vast one with several buildings and especially the reception area (5th floor entrance) looks very attractive. We were allotted a Room 1365 with TV @ Rs.600 rent per day. The bathroom at room 1365 was stinky and I have written this in the feedback form. The TV doesn’t have a remote. But the nurses were very kind and helpful who serves better and looking for good comments in the feedback form. But the canteen was promoting non-veg foods and it was difficult for a vegetarian like me. There are no tables reserved for vegetarians. Another con which I found was the absence of sign boards and floor numbers. You will be confused in which floor you are and they kept only the floor numbers just infront of the lift. Evenif there are more lifts, only 2 are working at present.
In second ECG, no such fluctuations were seen but doctors suggested for ECHO test. Next day morning, my mother was taken for an echo test which showed no any cardiac problems. Everyone including doctors were saying that it could be a case Hypertension or Hypoglycemia.(It proved to be wrong later). I don’t know why the doctor didn’t inform me that low blood sugar will not return back to normal level without giving any medicines. I have clearly told him that she came back to conscious state after 2-3 minutes without giving any medicine.
She was discharged on 26-7-2014 once the BP and Sugar levels were under control. When the Starhealth personnel asked about the Hypertension and Diabetes, we admitted the fact that those conditions existed since 5 years. But the claim was totally rejected by Starhealth company due to non-showing of such existing diseases. It was the fault of the agent who mislead us by saying that existing diseases can be claimed only after 4 years. So he didn’t show such diseases as existing ones! As per Starhealth wesbite, some existing diseases can be claimed after 1 or 2 years. Anyhow we paid Rs.4200 and get her discharged.

At home, she went to toilet at 3.45am and fell down with the same symptoms as of 25-7-2014. After 2-3 minutes, she came back in to conscious state. Morning at 11am, again she fell down which shows the intensity of the problem. I called Doctor over phone and he suggested for a CT Scan as the symptoms of “sudden unconscious state” persists.

On 26-July-2014 afternoon, she was admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) of WIMS hospital as there was no OP (out-patient) department on Sundays. Her BP was high (220) and after giving injection, they managed it at 180/100 level. CT Scan was done on the same day at WIMS with Rs.1600. Even if 2-3 infarcts were found in the brain, they were not new ones and probably not the case for sudden unconsciousness. The ED of WIMS hospital have some junior doctors who are very cooperative. But nurses were freely using mobile phones inside. Some of them were sneezing inside without any care for patients’ probability for getting infected with Cold.
At last, my mother was admitted to room 1362 at night. I paid Rs.1000 again as advance. I know that we can’t rely on Starhealth insurance card as they rejected our previous claim as the discharge summary said ‘Hypoglycemia’. Our insurance agent didn’t furnish Diabetes and Hypertension as existing diseases while filling the proposal form evenif we disclosed that she was suffering from those 2 diseases. Anyhow I registered our claim by calling Starhealth toll free number and they authorised Rs.4000 as advance for expenses!

On Monday 28-7-2014, we took her to Calicut Neuro Services, a private lab near Ananthaveera theater, Kalpetta for EEG test (Rs.700). WIMS billing department asked for Rs.2000 extra advance as the patient was going out for test. The EEG report was collected on Wednesday 30-7-2014 as 29th was holiday. EEG report clearly depicted that the case is “Complex partial seizures” and the doctors started Tegrital CR200 tablets (Carbamazepine) on the same night. Next day, 31-7-2014 she was discharged from DM WIMS and this time Starhealth allotted us Rs.3510. Note that Rs.4000 was authorised previously as advance. Now they reduced from Rs.4000 and decided to authorise Rs.3510 as final payment. The whole bill this time was Rs.7947 in hospital. Also Rs.1600 for CT Scan, Rs.785 for Emergency department, Rs.700 for EEG were spent additionally.
Its a big thing that atleast Starhealth authorised Rs.3510 this time!
Starhealth senior citizen’s red carpet policy seems to be a crap. Looking for a new insurance deal which really cares for senior citizens.