Either balance in cash/credit ledger is not sufficient to set-off the liability or the-GST error

Just now I filed GSTR-3B for the month of August 2017. As a fresher, it gave me some hard time. Let me share..

To create a payment challan, I opened Challan page in new Tab. It helped me to fill IGST, SGST and CGST values without any error by looking at the GSTR-3B submitted details. After creating challan, I couldn’t make payment using Online payment option as my Browser’s Adaware Ad block plugin was blocking Net banking site from loading. If the bank’s net banking page is not loaded in the first attempt, it will not work even after a refresh. Hence I was forced to create a new challan and try after disabling the Ad blocker plugin. Anyhow after making the payment, I clicked on the redirect button and I was able to verify the amount in cash ledger. How to offset was the next question.

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Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress-SOLVED

Seeing the WordPress page throwing error Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress?
If you seeing this error message on your fresh install of WordPress in a WHM/Cpanel VPS, please do this steps to load your wordpress.
1. Login to WHM as root
2. Go to EasyApache (EsayApache4 as of now)
3. You can see the packages like Cpanel+Opcache or Cpanel+Zendguard etc. -I have selected Cpanel Opcache – Just click on provision. It will install all necessary PHP modules.
You are done!

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Joomla WSOD error-SOLVED

Hi all,
I had a big headache as my site wayanad.co.in showed only a blank white home page suddenly. Anyhow I was able to login to the backend. Also cpanel was working fine.
I doubted some error with Configuration.php; but it wasn’t. All my checks by disabling plugins, modules etc. didn’t give any solution.
I searched all logs and couldn’t find any vital error maker. I got non-SEO link to the Sitemap and all pages except homepage loaded fine!
The homepage source was showing just
When I directly typed wayanad.co.in, it showed a blank page.

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GoTx.SmartUpdator has stopped working – ERROR – Solved

I have downloaded Intellect Gotx platform from Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. But I faced an error after downloading.
I was forced to close it after showing the error “GoTx.SmartUpdator has stopped working”.

Couldn’t find any solution online. Tried to install it again and again. But nothing worked. Karvy people were not available due to holidays. Even after contacting Polaris software, nobody helped me.

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