Nifty Options-New file-July 2021

Nifty Options-New file-July 2021

Find the all new Nifty options file (Version 17Jul2021)
Fill the cells that are with yellow background. The file is not connected with any data feed. So one should manually enter the values and update high/low etc. Instead of overwriting values, please copy the whole sheet
using move/copy option and rename it.

Cells to be filled.
B2 = Trading day’s date (for eg:12-Jul-21)
C2 = Weekly expiry date (for eg: 15-Jul-21)
C5 = Month end expiry date (for eg: 29-Jul-21)
G1 = Nifty (Or Bank nifty to use the same file for Bank nifty options)

B4 = Open price of Nifty future
B5 = Close price (available on trading day’s morning before market open)
B6 = Yesterday morning close price (take it from NSE site or from previous day’s sheet)
B7 = Yesterday’s high
B8 = Yesterday’s Low
B9 = Yesterday’s open
B10 = Day before yesterday’s close price

B49 = Daylow (Please update the low whenever NF low changes)
B50 = Dayhigh (Also update the high whenever the NF hits new high on a day)

Scroll down to row 113. Please see the options listed in H113, H115, H117, h119, H132, H134 & H136.
Fill the open prices of all 8 options in cells A113, A115, A117, A119, A132, A134 & A136 respectively.
Also fill the high and low in B114 & C114, B116 & C116, B118 & C118, B120 & C120, B133 & C133, B135 & C135, B137 & C137 of those options.
As soon as we enter open price of an option, it will show two possible entry prices in B132, B134 etc and also Stoploss in C132, C134 etc respectively. Importantly it will show a “strength point” on below cell, once an entry price is entered. If the high crosses ‘strength point’, it will be in favour of option buyers. If the price didn’t cross ‘strength point’, then it will be good for option writers.

K147 is important. If it shows “Real SL”, then it will help to stop losses on highly volatile days.

Must read cells
M148 – it will show whether to exit or keep the first CE option
M149 – it will show whether to exit or keep the first PE option
M150 – it will show whether to exit or keep the second CE option
M151 – it will show whether to exit or keep the second PE option

A157, A158, A159 & A160 will show day range for Weekly expiry option

D163, D164, D165 and D166 will tell whether to hold BTST or not.

You can see the auto calculated CPR (BC & TC) in i83

Disclaimer – Only for paper trade.
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Version: 17jul2021