This is the page where I would like to publish my currency calls’ performance. Mainly in USD/INR. I would like to deal with only one or two currency pairs (USDINR or EURINR) as I can spend much time for mastering their behavior.

1) Sell USDINR @ 62.52 CMP T1 62.44 T2 62.40 T3 62.31 (Link)
Result- Hit T1 and T2 on the same. Hit T3 next day.

2) Buy USD/INR SA 62.26 with T1=62.37 T2=62.43 T3=62.51 S/L=62.10 (Link)
Later revised T1 to 62.23 at 2:22pm (Link)
Result- Hit T1 at 2:45 pm

3) USD/INR tgt 62.32 CMP 62.2475 (Link)
Result- Target hit on same day

4) Target 62.32 is hit…Sell with targets 62.26/62.22
Result- 62.26 hit at closing time on 16.Feb.2015
62.22 hit next trading day, 18.Feb.2015 morning

5) EUR-INR premium call through skype chat…its not a free call-so given while skype chatting at 9:25 AM
Euro tgt 71.10 & 70.92
Result-Buy call Hit 71.10 first and then [email protected] hit 70.92 later (both on 18.Feb.2015)
skype call

6) Nifty tgt 8821.62 (Posted 11:43 AM – Feb 18, 2015 in Link)
Result- Nifty target 8821.62 was hit on next day, 19.Feb.2015 as Nifty went upto 8802.55 on the lower side.

20.Feb.2015 Link
7) Sell Nifty @ CMP 8900 tgt 8886 – hit target as the Nifty Daylow is 8830.20

8) Buy back Nifty @ 8886 tgt 8921 – several times Nifty crossed 8900 and even it reached upto 8916, but failed to touch my call is on hold.
Result- Nifty opened at 8945 on 23.Feb.2015, the next trading day. Hence target 8921 hit.

9) Sell EURINR @ 70.7275 tgt 70.60 – Target hit as the Daylow is 70.43

23.Feb.2015 (Link)
10) Buy USD/INR with tgt 62.30 (23-Feb-2015). CMP is 62.20
Result- Target hit as the Dayhigh was 62.35

10 profitable trades are given above…More trade calls and results will be updated as comments.

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