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    Global oil prices expected to continue to decline

    USDINR tips

    Crude oil is trading in the $95 price range as speculators continue to believe that violence and tensions around the globe will not have an effect on supply. Recent reports show that the world is swimming in oil and that territories under siege continue to produce oil. Crude oil is trading at 95.73 while Brent oil touched its lowest of the year on Thursday trading at 102.00. Brent oil has recovered a bit this morning as traders are buying up the cheap commodity. Brent is trading at 102.72 as the spread holds at $7.00.
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    Forex tips

    currency tips

    I would like to share some tips for Forex traders (Currency options and futures traders in India).
    Hope you will enjoy reading this and share your views to help each other.

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    My review on DM WIMS hospital, Wayanad

    My mother lost her consciousness for 2-3 minutes on Friday 25th July, 2014 morning. I was monitoring her BP level while she got fainted. The BP was normal. I was about to check her blood sugar level, but suddenly she couldn’t talk, her voice became unclear and feeble, body became cold and I couldn’t check the sugar level. We took her to the bed and rubbed her hands and feet to make hot. She was sweating after 2 minutes and returned back to conscious state. That was the first time I saw her so weak. It seems to be a cardiac arrest.(But my assumption proved to be wrong later). So we rushed her to DM WIMS, Kalpetta center where my cousin-sister works.
    The BP was a bit high when we reached there and they gave some BP and Sugar tablets. Doctor checked her whether there was a sign of Paralysis or not. But she was responding nicely to the Doctor’s commands. Doctor suggested to have an ECG in which he found a small fluctuation and advised us to admit her at DM WIMS, Meppadi. DM WIMS (Wayanad institute of medical sciences) is a newly opened hospital near Thazhe Arappetta, Meppadi, Wayanad district which is a sister concern of MIMS, Kozhikode.

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    Joomla error JFolder::create: Could not create directory

    I faced a Joomla error JFolder::create: Could not create directory for my site Wayanad.co.in today and solved it.

    Firstly I had problem of White screen which is infamous for WordPress and Joomla after updation. To solve my White screen problem in Joomla, I went to the File manager inside my hosting Cpanel and downloaded my “Logs” file which was in Joomla root folder.
    From my Log file, I came to know that the culprit which makes error is JCHoptimize plugin and I renamed that folder inside the filemanager. After that the white screen problem of my homepage Wayanad.co.in was solved.
    But I wasnt able to login to my Admin panel (backend) which was showing a 500 error after login. But surprsingly I was able to login directly to my modules page http://wayanad.co.in/administrator/index.php?option=com_modules&view=modules which gave me some goodtime. But the real culprit was “simplepie” which is still a problem in Joomla 2.5
    So I went to Global Configuration in Joomla and selected “Yes” for Debug system under the tab System.
    Using another browser (IE) window, I tried to login as an Administrator and found that error is in Configuration file which says “Home2” instead of “Home” in the public $log_path
    Thats it. I edited the Configuration.php file online from my cpanel and everything is working fine now…

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    Opencart Admin Blank page problem solved

    Our store uses the Script Opencart. It was showing blank page while tried to access Admin page.
    I have pasted the following lines in Index.php of Admin directory and checked for errors.
    ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);
    ini_set(‘log_errors’, 1);


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