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Bamboo rice Recipes

Mulayari Kanji/Bamboo rice Porridge recipe

Bamboo rice Porridge/Mulayari Kanji recipe

Recipe for Bamboo rice Porridge/Mulayari Kanji.

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Make Payasam with Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice Payasam recipe

Make Payasam with Bamboo rice!

Get the recipe here

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Bamboo rice preparation Tamil Nadu style

Bamboo rice preparation-Tamil Nadu style

Bamboo rice recipe/preparation-Tamil Nadu style

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Nifty, Silvermini, Crudeoil and Natural Gas (MCX) traders can download below given Excel sheets for Free. Files are CLEAN & SAFE.
I may update the Excel files and upload it again. Check Last update date before downloading. Donations are welcome at

Nifty Trading Lite sheet-30July version

Nifty lite excel sheet.
Updated on 30-July-2019

Important cells are E14, E15, A17, B17, B18 & A46.
Sometimes E58, E59 will give some insight.

Published: 30/Jul/2019 11:17 pm
Nifty trading Excel Sheet

Download the latest Excel sheet for Nifty paper trading. Last updated on 30-Aug-2019 (Nifty future Sep 2019 contract)

If you find it useful, please pay for my coffee..
As a courtesy, I will notify you whenever a new version is uploaded.

Please check back for updated files.

Version: 30aug2019
Excel sheet for Silvermini MCX-New

Download Excel sheet for Silvermini paper trading in MCX.

Latest major changes-
Cell E11 shows very vital info about Stoploss and targets. Hence wait for it to appear on some day to know the trend. Never trade against the trend.

Disclaimer-Not for real trading. Use only for learning purpose.

Last updated on 06-Feb-2019 (before market closing its not EOD data)

Crudeoil MCX entry point excel sheet (New)

Crudeoil trade learner excel file. Read the comments given in certain cells. You have to manually enter all figures shown in yellow colour (Cells B4 to B13).
Cell E11 is very vital cell for new file. If it says F12 is SL, sell crude with strict SL at F12+1 point extra.

Prepared for crude oil MCX learners. Useful on paper trading. Don’t use in real trading.

If you have a question how to trade crudeoil in MCX, download this excel file and learn an easy way.
Come back and check later for updated files with latest formulas.

Last update: 06-Feb-2019 (before market closing time. So doesn’t contain EOD data)

Excel sheet for Leadmini (MCX)-OLD

Trading in Leadmini MCX?

Please find the excel sheet which I am using. Please update values everyday manually.

Last update-01.09pm – June 11, 2017

Natural Gas-Excel Sheet-NEW

Excel sheet for learning Natural Gas trading in MCX. Read A17 and catch the trend-It could be Long or Short. But please note if its showing “LONG” and next to that, if you see “Sellside”, don’t be Long intraday. Be on sellside for that day.

Note-This is not for real trade. Intended only for paper trade. I am not responsible for your losses, if you do any real trade.

Last updated on – 7 May 2019 7am.

Available here since Feb-2017

Disclaimer-Iam sharing this sheet as a help for learners. Not at all intended for real trades. Just use for paper trade. You, by downloading these Excel files, SHOULD agree that the BLOG.WAYANAD.CO.IN author is not responsible for any kind of loss happened by these figures.

Download PM Kisan

PM Kisan application-Kerala-Malayalam

Pradhan Manthri Kisan Samman Nidhi application form in Malayalam for Kerala state farmers.
File in PDF format.
Download, print and submit at nearest State Agriculture office along with copies of Land tax receipt, Ration card, Bank passbook etc.
Small Farmers holding upto 2hectares of land are eligible.

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19 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Hi Mr.Sanmathi Raj,
    I heartly appreciate your hard work on your EXCEL files , but please make it more simple in words and understandable easily, for example in CRUDE OIL , there are lots of confusions . in each line items , my suggestion is to give one colums where you can fidn BUY and SELL in very next rows.
    My Example :
    CALL For THE DAY T 1 T 2
    BUY above 3366 3386 3406
    SELL below 3254 3234 3214.
    which makes easy for your followers .

  2. Hi all,
    I am happy to announce that 11 figures are hit in the PDF file “Yet to hit figures for USD/INR (Dec)”

    They are 62.4385,62.4810,62.4927, 62.4960, 62.5160,62.5352,62.5460,62.5502,62.5702,62.5885,62.6002

    There are 3 more figures in the upper side to hit this month. To find those figures, please download the PDF file for Dec above.

  3. I am glad to announce that all targets given yesterday in the PDF file titled “New targets for USD/INR (Nov)-19-Nov-2014 Update” are HIT today on 20-Nov-2014.

    Those targets are:
    62.0933, 62.0958, 62.1010, 62.1057, 62.1180, 62.1255, 62.1355, 62.1495, 62.2087

  4. Iam happy to announce that rest 4 Upper side targets such as 61.9794, 61.9932,
    61.9970 and 62.0469 given in the “New targets for USD/INR (Nov)-30-Oct-2014 Update” PDF file are HIT
    The lower side targets such 61.4931 and 61.4966 may not hit as the vital barrier of 61.5006 is not yet hit.
    Wait for the new PDF with more targets to hit on the upper side.

  5. I am happy to announce that the all these 15 figures are hit for (Nov)-30-Oct-2014 update PDF file.

    61.8819, 61.8944, 61.8996, 61.9057, 61.9121, 61.9196, 61.9244, 61.9244, 61.9257, 61.9294, 61.9320, 61.9421, 61.9545, 61.9594, 61.9670

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