If you are using a smart phone, you should read this

Every one loves to have a smart phone whether its Android, Windows, Apple etc.. Most of the youth loves their phone than anything. They will get restless if the phone is not in their hands for a minute even.
Also its a practice to have pattern locks/number lock etc for the screen to avoid strangers/family using their phones. Everyone looks for their ‘privacy’ first.
But things may get worse if you face an accident or if you lost consciousness suddenly and this can happen at any time. How can another person/policemen can get your nearer ones’ contact number if your phone is ‘pattern locked’? Don’t think about going to some mobile maintenance shops and unlocking it in such a critical situation.

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How to earn gold for free?

Are you living in India? If yes, you can have some gold for free.
Please install Freecharge, Phonepe and Paytm Apps in your smartphone. (You can signup with Freecharge and Paytm through a computer, but Phonepe needs their App to be installed).
Now find some relatives/neighbours/friends who wants to recharge their Phone/DTH. Be ready with the promo codes from Paytm, Freecharge etc and apply it while making the payment. For eg: Paytm offers a coupon MONTHLY20 for a recharge and you will get cashback of Rs.20 within a few minutes. Use that cashback and instantly buy Gold from Paytm App. Literally you are getting that gold for free.
Freecharge also provides such coupons. You can link the Freecharge account with Phonepe (inside Phonepe app) and use the cashback earned from Freecharge to buy Gold from Phonepe. Phonepe offers Rs.30 cashback for a Jio prepaid recharge. Don’t forget to buy gold whenever you get a cashback.
Try to make more ‘customers’ for DTH and mobile Recharge. For every DTH recharge, you can take a service charge of Rs.10 and add that money to paytm wallet through some friends. You can buy gold starting from Re.1 at Paytm as well as Phonepe. No need to spend any amount from your pocket.
No money to start recharge business? Go and signup at epaylater(dot)in and later at niki(dot)ai. You can recharge any mobile/DTH and choose epaylater payment option. You will get 14 days time to pay back. Just keep your Rs.10 service charge and pay the dues on time. Sometimes, Lazypay also offers cashback and try that too as a payment option in Niki App.
There could be some other Apps that offers cashback for recharges. But I am only using Paytm and Phonepe to buy gold for free. At present, I have 219.70mg (worth Rs.683.74) Gold in my paytm gold locker and 0.1702gm (worth Rs.510.26) in my Phonepe App purely bought with free amount.
Note-Iam not related with any App/Website referred in this answer. I am just showing a way to accumulate gold for free.

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SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0" WordPress Error-SOLVED

I have WordPress+Woocommerce store setup for my website www.wayanad.net
Woocommerce signup and Checkout was working fine until I installed W3 Total cache plugin. But after installing that plugin, I noticed that the checkout was not successful using the Payumoney payment gateway. The error shown was SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0..

I thought the error was caused by W3 Total cache. But actually it wasn't. I remembered that I have disabled the option "Anyone can register" in the Settings-> General area.
I tried to make a test purchase by only enabling the Woocommerce checkout option and disabling the "Anyone can register" option. That was the culprit.
As soon as I checked Anyone can register option and making the role for new users as Customers, the error message at checkout vanished and signups were processed normally.
So if you face the same error "SyntaxError: Unexpected token General area in Admin panel.
Its better to make the user role as a customer which syncs nicely with Woocommerce.

Thanks for reading!

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Either balance in cash/credit ledger is not sufficient to set-off the liability or the-GST error

Just now I filed GSTR-3B for the month of August 2017. As a fresher, it gave me some hard time. Let me share..

To create a payment challan, I opened Challan page in new Tab. It helped me to fill IGST, SGST and CGST values without any error by looking at the GSTR-3B submitted details. After creating challan, I couldn’t make payment using Online payment option as my Browser’s Adaware Ad block plugin was blocking Net banking site from loading. If the bank’s net banking page is not loaded in the first attempt, it will not work even after a refresh. Hence I was forced to create a new challan and try after disabling the Ad blocker plugin. Anyhow after making the payment, I clicked on the redirect button and I was able to verify the amount in cash ledger. How to offset was the next question.

Whenever I tried, I got error “Either balance in cash/credit ledger is not sufficient to set-off the liability or the amount declared to be utilized from cash/credit ledger is not…”
This was due to a silly mistake. I tried to fill the amount in the second column (near to the liability amount) rather than entering in the Cash column. It should be filled under “Tax paid in Cash” column and not under ITC column as my whole GST was paid through Net Banking.
After offsetting the liability with the cash balance, I was able to file it using “File GSTR 3B with EVC” button.
So please don’t forget to disable your popup blockers before attempting online payment from GST portal and also to offset amount under Tax paid in CASH column after making the payment.

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Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress-SOLVED

Seeing the WordPress page throwing error Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress?
If you seeing this error message on your fresh install of WordPress in a WHM/Cpanel VPS, please do this steps to load your wordpress.
1. Login to WHM as root
2. Go to EasyApache (EsayApache4 as of now)
3. You can see the packages like Cpanel+Opcache or Cpanel+Zendguard etc. -I have selected Cpanel Opcache – Just click on provision. It will install all necessary PHP modules.
You are done!

Reload the WordPress page.

Looking for WordPress hosting in a semi-managed VPS with Cpanel? Please have a look at https://billing.ethwebs.net and signup for Shared VPS hosting.

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