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This is how Zerodha cheats

This is how Zerodha cheats

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100x times return in Nifty options

I have many experiences of hitting SL in Zerodha and this is the latest example. If the price went up after hitting ONLY my SL, there is a chance that Zerodha scam with our small positions even.

I bought 5 qty of Bajajfinserv MIS and kept SL at 7207. It was hit at 10:24:46 am and went up.

See the low and beleive yourself that Zerodha is leaking client stoplosses or they are trading themselves with some bot based on SL which is set by clients.

I have opened an account with another broker due to numerous stop losses hit by Zerodha which is against all the ethics of brokers.

Act against Zerodha Scam. If you want to trade in MIS, CO etc. in Zerodha, change your SL randomly. I think they are running to script to get SL that are unchanged. I have similar experiences several times.

Update on 21-Aug-2019
See the bhav copy for yesterday low confirmation.

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