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Every one loves to have a smart phone whether its Android, Windows, Apple etc.. Most of the youth loves their phone than anything. They will get restless if the phone is not in their hands for a minute even.
Also its a practice to have pattern locks/number lock etc for the screen to avoid strangers/family using their phones. Everyone looks for their ‘privacy’ first.
But things may get worse if you face an accident or if you lost consciousness suddenly and this can happen at any time. How can another person/policemen can get your nearer ones’ contact number if your phone is ‘pattern locked’? Don’t think about going to some mobile maintenance shops and unlocking it in such a critical situation.

Some people will have their SIM cards too locked by a PIN code. So if a policeman takes out the sim card and try to make a call from his apparatus, it will ask for a Pin code first. So how can he get your personal doctor’s number on a critical situation? I know there are phones which supports ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers which should be configured first. But I bet, most people will not do this! Also there are mobile types which doesn’t have an ICE feature.

So what will I do to set up my immediate contact number or my personal doctor’s number in case of an emergency? I am sure that my phone’s pattern lock as well as SIM card’s Pin are only known to me and my wife. Anyhow i can’t leave my pin unlocked because of mobile thieves.





Without leaving security part, how can a person set up an emergency contact info in Android Kitkat4.4 mobile?
For that, follow steps given below:
1. Go to Settings.

2. Open Security.

Settings screen in Android Kitkat 4.4


3. Open Owner info.

Look for 'owner info'


4. Type your home contact number or your personal doctor’s contact number or any info you wish.


Now lock your home screen. Even on an unlocked pattern screen, you can see the info written.
Hope this helps!

Owner info displayed above Pattern lock.
Owner info displayed above Pattern lock.
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