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Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

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Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is an important tourist spot of Wayanad. It offers Wildlife Safari where a few kinds of wild animals can be seen inside forest. But one shouldn’t compare it with the famous wild safaris of Kenya or other African countries due to its limitations. If you expect more as a Kenyan safari, you may regret. But within the constraints, Muthanga offers a good visual treat for city dwelling Wildlife lovers.
Muthanga is a part of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctaury which is 344 sq. km wide. The entry times are restricted from 7am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm.
28 numbers of specially permitted Jeeps are allowed to enter the forest area. 40 trips are allowed in the morning session and 20 more trips are allowed in the afternoon session. Maximum 7 persons can be seated in a Jeep. Hence 60 trips with 7 persons i.e.420 persons are ONLY allowed to enter the Sanctuary in a day. But a few Jeeps may ply with only 3-4 persons, so somedays 420 persons may not actually enter in. But the officials count only the number of trips rather than number of persons.
Entry Fees:-
For Jeep-Rs.675
For Indians-Rs.110
For Foreigners-Rs.300

On holidays, when thousands of tourists arrive here, entry is clearly given for those who comes early. After the limited 60 trips, Authorities will not issue entry tickets for the left tourists. Also its a common scene for tourists waiting their turn for afternoon session. But the basic infrastructure at Sancuary’s entry area is pathetic. There are no good rest rooms, eateries, waiting areas etc.

More tourists arrive from the month of December. In March and April, the Safari is restricted due to Wildfire risk. The Jeep drivers are good at driving inside the forest road. Tourists can tip them for their good service eventhough its not mandatory.

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