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100x times return in Nifty options


Unbelievable title “100x times return in Nifty options”. Right?
Hope you have read my post http://blog.wayanad.co.in/how-rs-7500-could-have-made-rs-3-2lakhs-overnight/ In that post, I have shown a trade which gave 40x times returns overnight. Such trades will happen only once or twice a year.
In this post, I am going to show you a Nifty PE option trade which touched a whooping 267.35 from a mere 2.30 within 2 trading days! Yes. A stunning 100+ times increment of a Nifty PUT option.
Its simple to view and understand
1) On 20-Aug-2015 screenshot, you can see 8000PE (on the first line) with a daylow of 2.30. That means you can buy 1000qty of Nifty 8000PE at Rs.2300

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