100x times return in Nifty options

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Nifty Views-15.May.2015

Unbelievable title “100x times return in Nifty options”. Right?
Hope you have read my post http://blog.wayanad.co.in/how-rs-7500-could-have-made-rs-3-2lakhs-overnight/ In that post, I have shown a trade which gave 40x times returns overnight. Such trades will happen only once or twice a year.
In this post, I am going to show you a Nifty PE option trade which touched a whooping 267.35 from a mere 2.30 within 2 trading days! Yes. A stunning 100+ times increment of a Nifty PUT option.
Its simple to view and understand
1) On 20-Aug-2015 screenshot, you can see 8000PE (on the first line) with a daylow of 2.30. That means you can buy 1000qty of Nifty 8000PE at Rs.2300


2) Next day, on 21.Aug.2015 the same 8000PE went high upto 18.50 but the Last Traded Price (LTP) was 7.45

3) See the stunning Dayhigh of 8000PE, 267.35 on 24.Aug.2015 (after two holidays on 22.Aug.2015 and 23.Aug.2015)

That means a person who spent Rs.2300 to buy 1000qty of Nifty 8000PE could have exited at Rs.2,67,350
More than 100times return!
But Iam sure that no trader in this world can trade and earn from this option 8000PE, one can atleast wonder that earning 100x times from buying Nifty options is not an impossible task. But this may happen only once or twice a year.

Its feasible for a small trader who usually enters the trade at market closing time, say 3:30pm, by purchasing at 4.20 (the Best Selling price on 20.Aug) and exiting at 232 (the best buy price on 24.Aug.2015). Hence the returns would be
Rs.4200 expenditure to buy [email protected] and Rs.2,32,000 income by selling [email protected]

An incredible and feasible 55x times return. Open a trading account now!

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