Update on USD-INR – 3.Feb.2015

Update on USD/INR - 4.Feb.2015
Update on USD/INR - 2.Feb.2015

Hi all,
In yesterday’s blog post, I said that markets were anticipating a rate cut. But RBI today announced no change in Repo, Reverse Repo rates. A change was made in SLR which didn’t make any big move in the market.
Nifty was in red since today morning. But it recovered a bit in the late afternoon.

USDINR opened at 61.92, very low against yesterday’s closing LTP of 62.09
Dayhigh was 62.1425 and Daylow was 61.8975. Today’s closing LTP=61.9575

Let’s look in to technical aspects:-

USD-INR opened at 61.92 well below the Fibonacci 2nd support (S2) of 61.99. In the morning session, S2 (61.99) was broken and pair reached upto 62.1425 after crossing 1st support at 62.06 (S1). Actually I must call S2 & S1 is R1 & R2
The pivot was calculated at 62.1750 which the pair couldn’t touch. The one support which is yet to break is 3rd Support 61.8775 (S3). Hope the pair will touch 61.8775 tomorrow and bounce back. Anyhow note that the major support line is at 61.7350
ADX indicator for USDINR showed bears were not strong enough to start a bearish trend. Bulls were weak; but as per Williams %R indicator, we were in Buy zone today morning. This helped bulls to break 2 resistances atleast. But the closing was under those resistances and hence I advice to watch 61.8775

Figures to watch:-
62.51 is a figure to watch on the higher side. There is one more figure to hit on previously given “yet to hit figures” by me. Its 62.36 (Note the month high as of now is 62.35)

I believe the support at 61.7350 is very strong. In case if its broken, downside watch should be 61.52

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Update on USD/INR – 10.Feb.2015

HI all, The pair USD/INR opened with a gap down at 62.3475
2015-02-10 20:40:04


Update on USD-INR – 9.Feb.2015

Hi all, Welcome back after weekend. Today we saw USD/INR
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Update on USDINR – 6.Feb.2015

Hi all, You are reading my 100th post in the category
2015-02-06 21:47:07


Update on USD/INR – 5.Feb.2015

HI all, USDINR opened high at 62.15 against yesterday's
2015-02-05 22:09:40


Update on USD/INR – 4.Feb.2015

Hi all, As said yesterday evening in my blog post
2015-02-04 22:29:49


Update on USD/INR – 2.Feb.2015

Hi all, Welcome back after the weekend. We saw strong
2015-02-02 21:40:17


Update on USD/INR – 30.Jan.2015

Hi all, As said in my blog post yesterday, today we saw a
2015-01-30 18:15:30



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