Home ForexUpdate for 01-Dec-2014 (USD-INR)
Update for 01-Dec-2014 (USD-INR)

Update for 01-Dec-2014 (USD-INR)

Update on 02-Dec-2014 (USD/INR)
Tip for 28-Nov-2014 (USD INR)

Hi all,
Welcome back after weekend..
The pair USD/INR opened pretty high at 62.51 against Friday’s closing LTP 62.3925
All in a sudden, the pair hits Dayhigh of 62.6350 and hit 62.4625, which is the present Daylow.
CMP is 62.4625
The technical figures which I got today are 62.33 and 62.29
The declining Gold prices added strength for US Dollar. Indian Rupee awaits for tomorrow’s important data, Interest rate decision.

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Wayanad.co.in Admin
5 years ago

Hi all,
Indian Rupee became strong in view of tomorrow’s Interest rate decision.
The Dayhigh remained same at 62.6350. But the Daylow was 62.3350 and the pair closed at 62.36
JPY hit new low against USD today. But the Short covering by Gold traders helped Gold to rally and hence USD weakened a bit..

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