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Tip for 28-Nov-2014 (USD INR)

Tip for 28-Nov-2014 (USD INR)

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Tip for 27-Nov-2014 (USD-INR)

Hi all,
The pair USD/INR opened at 62.22, a bit more than yesterday’s closing LTP of 62.19
Dayhigh as of now is 62.2550 and Daylow is 62.18. CMP is 62.2450

Yesterday OPEC meeting concluded without any cut in oil output. Hence USD became more strong against JPY, GBP, EUR etc.

Indian Rupee awaits a bunch of data such as Fiscal Deficit (Oct), GDP quarterly, Infrastructure output, FX reserves etc. today at 5pm IST. Also due to US Thanksgiving holiday continuation, I expect less volatility today.

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Wayanad.co.in Admin
5 years ago

HI all,
The pair USD/INR was almost rallying and touched a Dayhigh of 62.4150
The Daylow was same as morning’s 62.18.
The pair closed at 62.3925.
India’s GDP (QoQ) data came out today evening and its 5.3% against the previous 5.7%

Wayanad.co.in Admin
5 years ago

Month end demand for USD from importers and oil companies is pushing the Dollar high. In the contrary, BSE Sensex and NIFTY finding new highs!
A rare chance to see both USD and Sensex/Nifty surging. Increased Federal Fiscal deficit (Oct 4757Bi) also caused the Indian Rupee to depreciate..

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