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Joomla WSOD error-SOLVED

Joomla WSOD error-SOLVED

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Hi all,
I had a big headache as my site wayanad.co.in showed only a blank white home page suddenly. Anyhow I was able to login to the backend. Also cpanel was working fine.
I doubted some error with Configuration.php; but it wasn’t. All my checks by disabling plugins, modules etc. didn’t give any solution.
I searched all logs and couldn’t find any vital error maker. I got non-SEO link to the Sitemap and all pages except homepage loaded fine!
The homepage source was showing just
When I directly typed wayanad.co.in, it showed a blank page.

Finally I found that there were 2 index files-index.html and index.php in my public_html folder! I don’t know when the settings changed and the site was loading index.html rather than index.php
I removed index.html and the homepage worked fine.

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