Update for USD/INR – 9-Dec-2014

Update for USD/INR - 10-Dec-2014
Tip for USD/INR - 08-Dec-2014

Hi all,
The pair USD/INR opened higher at 62.18 instead of yesterday’s closing LTP 62.12
The Dayhigh hit as of now is 62.1950 and Daylow is 62.1025. CMP is 62.1450

BUY can be tried at dips or 62.06-62.08 area for HOLDING purpose.

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Hi all, You are reading my 100th post in the category
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Again a day of tight band trade! Same as morning’s 62.1950 (Dayhigh) and 62.1025 (Daylow).
Closing LTP was 62.1650

raghav yadav

Sir, would mind givin a tips for currency derivatives also? Admin
Sure Raghav. But its a bit risky to deal with Derivatives as there is high chance to loss premium if you choose wrong trade. So do “Paper trade” for sometime and get expertise. Let me give a Paper-trade eg: you can BUY 62.25CE when it reaches 0.1900 and wait (for 2-3 days) USD/INR to reach 62.38. Certainly 62.25CE premium will be more than 0.1900 that time and you can exit. Like this, you can buy CE if there are chances for USD to appreciate. If there is chance for USD to depreciate, then buy PE. But do enough paper trades… Read more » Admin

Dear Raghav,
Hope you have seen USD/INR crossing 62.38 today. Your Paper trade position 62.25CE can be sold at premium of 0.3100 as of now.

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