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    Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

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    Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is an important tourist spot of Wayanad. It offers Wildlife Safari where a few kinds of wild animals can be seen inside forest. But one shouldn’t compare it with the famous wild safaris of Kenya or other African countries due to its limitations. If you expect more as a Kenyan safari, you may regret. But within the constraints, Muthanga offers a good visual treat for city dwelling Wildlife lovers.
    Muthanga is a part of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctaury which is 344 sq. km wide. The entry times are restricted from 7am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm.
    28 numbers of specially permitted Jeeps are allowed to enter the forest area. 40 trips are allowed in the morning session and 20 more trips are allowed in the afternoon session. Maximum 7 persons can be seated in a Jeep. Hence 60 trips with 7 persons i.e.420 persons are ONLY allowed to enter the Sanctuary in a day. But a few Jeeps may ply with only 3-4 persons, so somedays 420 persons may not actually enter in. But the officials count only the number of trips rather than number of persons.
    Entry Fees:-
    For Jeep-Rs.675
    For Indians-Rs.110
    For Foreigners-Rs.300

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    How to check if honey is pure or not

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    Hi all,
    This time, it is very hard to find pure honey in the market. Most honey sellers mix or adulterate with Jaggery, glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, starch honey etc. to increase the quantity.
    Real honey Vs. Fake honey
    Today I used simple newspaper to test a wild honey sample. Two drops of honey stayed intact without spreading or absorption. Hence I proved its real honey without any adulteration.

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    My review on DM WIMS hospital, Wayanad

    My mother lost her consciousness for 2-3 minutes on Friday 25th July, 2014 morning. I was monitoring her BP level while she got fainted. The BP was normal. I was about to check her blood sugar level, but suddenly she couldn’t talk, her voice became unclear and feeble, body became cold and I couldn’t check the sugar level. We took her to the bed and rubbed her hands and feet to make hot. She was sweating after 2 minutes and returned back to conscious state. That was the first time I saw her so weak. It seems to be a cardiac arrest.(But my assumption proved to be wrong later). So we rushed her to DM WIMS, Kalpetta center where my cousin-sister works.
    The BP was a bit high when we reached there and they gave some BP and Sugar tablets. Doctor checked her whether there was a sign of Paralysis or not. But she was responding nicely to the Doctor’s commands. Doctor suggested to have an ECG in which he found a small fluctuation and advised us to admit her at DM WIMS, Meppadi. DM WIMS (Wayanad institute of medical sciences) is a newly opened hospital near Thazhe Arappetta, Meppadi, Wayanad district which is a sister concern of MIMS, Kozhikode.


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