• Crudeoil MCX entry point excel sheet

    Crudeoil MCX entry point excel sheet

    Crudeoil trade learner excel file. Read the comments given in certain cells. You have to manually enter all figures shown in yellow colour (Cells B4 to B13). If G12 says to buy PE, then go Short/sell crude. If G12 says to buy CE, go Long/buy crude.

    Prepared for crude oil MCX learners. Useful on paper trading. Don’t use in real trading.

    If you have a question how to trade crudeoil in MCX, download this excel file and learn an easy way.
    Come back and check later for updated files with latest formulas.
    Last update: 05-Oct-2018

  • Natural Gas-Excel Sheet

    Natural Gas-Excel Sheet

    Excel sheet for learning Natural Gas trading in MCX.

    Note-This is not for real trade. Intended only for paper trade. I am not responsible for your losses, if you do any real trade.

    Last updated on – 11 June 2017 01:13pm


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