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    Joomla WSOD error-SOLVED

    Hi all,
    I had a big headache as my site wayanad.co.in showed only a blank white home page suddenly. Anyhow I was able to login to the backend. Also cpanel was working fine.
    I doubted some error with Configuration.php; but it wasn’t. All my checks by disabling plugins, modules etc. didn’t give any solution.
    I searched all logs and couldn’t find any vital error maker. I got non-SEO link to the Sitemap and all pages except homepage loaded fine!
    The homepage source was showing just
    When I directly typed wayanad.co.in, it showed a blank page.

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    How to check if honey is pure or not

    wayanad images

    Hi all,
    This time, it is very hard to find pure honey in the market. Most honey sellers mix or adulterate with Jaggery, glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, flour, corn syrup, starch honey etc. to increase the quantity.
    Real honey Vs. Fake honey
    Today I used simple newspaper to test a wild honey sample. Two drops of honey stayed intact without spreading or absorption. Hence I proved its real honey without any adulteration.

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    GoTx.SmartUpdator has stopped working – ERROR – Solved

    I have downloaded Intellect Gotx platform from Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. But I faced an error after downloading.
    I was forced to close it after showing the error “GoTx.SmartUpdator has stopped working”.

    Couldn’t find any solution online. Tried to install it again and again. But nothing worked. Karvy people were not available due to holidays. Even after contacting Polaris software, nobody helped me.

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    Joomla error JFolder::create: Could not create directory

    I faced a Joomla error JFolder::create: Could not create directory for my site Wayanad.co.in today and solved it.

    Firstly I had problem of White screen which is infamous for WordPress and Joomla after updation. To solve my White screen problem in Joomla, I went to the File manager inside my hosting Cpanel and downloaded my “Logs” file which was in Joomla root folder.
    From my Log file, I came to know that the culprit which makes error is JCHoptimize plugin and I renamed that folder inside the filemanager. After that the white screen problem of my homepage Wayanad.co.in was solved.
    But I wasnt able to login to my Admin panel (backend) which was showing a 500 error after login. But surprsingly I was able to login directly to my modules page http://wayanad.co.in/administrator/index.php?option=com_modules&view=modules which gave me some goodtime. But the real culprit was “simplepie” which is still a problem in Joomla 2.5
    So I went to Global Configuration in Joomla and selected “Yes” for Debug system under the tab System.
    Using another browser (IE) window, I tried to login as an Administrator and found that error is in Configuration file which says “Home2” instead of “Home” in the public $log_path
    Thats it. I edited the Configuration.php file online from my cpanel and everything is working fine now…


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